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The Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association, voted the top local Music Teachers Association 2004 by the Music Teachers National Association, provides diverse educational opportunities for teachers and students in pursuit of personal growth in music.  Its mission:  to stimulate the study and enjoyment of music, to broaden the vision and expertise of its members, to promote musical culture in the community and to reinforce the objectives of its state and national organizations.  Join!

 September 28, 2016 Program

Technology to Increase Student Motivation and Engagement

Linda Christensen

Linda Christensen
Have you wondered what happens at home when students are practicing? Or perhaps you would like to see their theory homework ahead of time, so you can determine if it is time to move forward, or if the student needs more reinforcement on a particular concept. Join Linda Christensen as she guides you to tools that will engage the students as well as give the teacher feedback on what was accomplished.

Linda Christensen received her Ph.D. from the University of Oklahoma. After 20 years of collegiate teaching, she is now the Institutional Resources person for Jordan Kitts Music, as well as the Director of Education for JoyTunes.