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 Record of Yves Ramette’s Symphonies with Pianist, Eric Himy

Considered for Grammy Nomination!


Ramette (400x300)


NVMTA’s own Eric Himy,, is in the running for a Grammy Award Nomination for his participation in the recording of the Symphonies of Yves Ramette:

Mr. Himy recorded the piano parts to the symphonies along with the St. Petersburg State Orchestra and conductor Vladimir Lande.  He says, “I came to realize that Yves Ramette seems to have stayed in a place of his own…simply impervious to criticism. His musical vision is a surrealist’s idea of fantasy with his fresh, wonderfully innocent outlook on the world… extremely transparent crystalline drops of sounds evoking his Gallic roots and inspirations (Debussy, Ravel, Messaien).  In the end, Ramette’s compositions seem to be objects that exist in space rather than in time.” Mr. Ramette passed away in June 2012 and is survived by his wife, Maryse. PARMA Recordings is proud to honor this exceptional composer’s legacy with this collection of his Symphonies.

Mr Himy recounts how Mr. Ramette asked him to participate in this project.  Go to Page 2 for his colorful story: