Donate to NVMTA

Donate to the Ruthanne Lodato Scholarship Fund:  The Ruthanne Lodato Scholarship Fund accepts checks in any amount payable to NVMTA with “Lodato Scholarship Fund” notated on the subject line.  Send checks to:

Debra Gunnerson, 4509 Hazelnut Ct., Chantilly, VA 20151


Scholarship Endowment Fund:   Co-Chairs:  Debra Gunnerson, 703.378.1581;  Eve Ginnett, 703.476.7464;  Linda Gutterman, 703.979.6635

In 2000, in celebration of our 50th anniversary, NVMTA established an Endowment Fund. Initial funds were memorials to Alma Grayce Miller and Caurine Easterling. Since then, the Fund has received generous donations in honor of the teachers, students, family members, and friends listed below. On June 30, 2011 the value of the fund exceeded $75,000. Money donated to the fund is invested to ensure growth and to provide revenue for achievement awards and the composition festival. NVMTA welcomes contributions of any size.

To Donate:  Print the NVMTA Scholarship Endowment Fund form, include with your donation made payable to NVMTA and mail to:

Debra Gunnerson, 4509 Hazelnut Ct., Chantilly, VA 20151


Designated Scholarships and Festivals (Combined contributions of at least $5,000)

  • First Place Senior Piano Achievement Award in honor of Dr. Marjorie Lee
  • First Place Junior High Piano Achievement Award in honor of Suzanne Guy
  • First Place Division I Vocal Achievement Award in honor of Margaret McNulty
  • Student Composition Festival in memory of Alma Grayce Miller
  • Professional Development Grant in honor of Martha Smith
  • Sonata Festival Honors Recital in honor of Julie and David Slingerland
  • Student Excellence Scholarship in memory of Judy Leonard

Named Scholarships and Competitions (Combined contributions of at least $2,000)

  • String Scholarship Competition in memory of Caurine Easterling
  • In memory of Bella Hatfield
  • In honor of Maryen Herrett
  • In memory of Dorothy and Edwin Hunter
  • In honor of Jo Lombard
  • In honor of Jane White
  • In honor of Dorothy Wiley

Combined contributions of $500 or more

  • In honor of Virginia Moore
  • In memory of Patricia Osborne